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Capital Gains Calculator

This Capital Gains Tax Calculator is available to help estimate the potential tax liabilities of selling an investment property, versus the benefits from the tax deferral when doing a 1031 exchange. This calculator is an example only and should never be relied upon for tax purposes. ERG does not warrant or represent any of the calcualtions or information provided. Consult with your tax or legal advisors to get an estimate specific to your tax situation as there are many variables not included in this calculator.

***Net Investment Income Tax (NII Tax): Section 1411 of Internal Revenue Code imposes a 3.8% tax on certain investment income once a taxpayers modified adjusted gross income exceeds a certain income threshold. (Married filing jointly - $250,000) (Married filing separately - $125,000) (Single - $200,000) (Head of household (with qualifying person) - $200,000) (Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child - $250,000)

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