• 1031 Exchange

    The 1031 exchange is a versatile tax planning and investment tool for savvy investors.

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  • Reverse 1031 Exchange

    Need to purchase the new property before
    selling your existing one? The Reverse
    Exchange is for you.

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  • The ERG Incentive

    Maximize your investment security and build future wealth with a 1031 tax deferred exchange.

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1031 Exchange

REVERSE Exchange


  Welcome to Exchange Resource Group: Your Resource for 1031 Excellence!

We are a nationwide qualified intermediary (QI) specializing in all types of 1031 tax deferred exchanges, including complex reverse, construction, and personal property exchanges.

You’ve probably found there are a number of companies willing to charge a fee to prepare 1031 documents for you including your title company, banks, and attorneys but that’s exactly what you’ll get…just documents.  With ERG you get that and the rest of the story.  Expertise that saves closings and keeps deals from falling apart.  24/7 support from our exchange professionals so you can ask us questions anytime.  One-to-one access ensures you’re comfortable and that 1031 requirements aren’t missed that could invalidate your exchange and cause serious tax consequences.

We provide all QI functions (document prep, secure holding

of funds, timeline tracking, transaction support and education) to buyers, sellers, CPA’s, attorneys, real estate investors, brokers, real estate agents, banking and title professionals to ensure that clients are comfortable (and even excited!) using a 1031 exchange to defer paying taxes on even the most complex deals.

Our team of professional consultants will prepare the documents necessary to complete your exchange and properly comply with current Section 1031 tax law offering you the protection and assurance you need to complete an exchange.

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional planning and assistance during your exchange and are confident you will be best served by our experienced, professional team – the Exchange Resource Group.

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