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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing” is a free, 64 page ebook that provides a basic overview of real estate investing with links to more information on the Bigger Pockets website. It covers eight topics in as many chapters and is a pretty quick read – if you can keep yourself from following all the interesting links. The eight topics include:

1. How to invest in real estate
2. Your real estate investing education
3. Choose your real estate niche and strategies
4. Create your real estate business plan
5. Find the best investment properties
6. Financing your real estate investments
7. Mastering real estate investment marketing
8. Real estate exit strategies (including 1031 Exchanges)

While the book itself is a broad brush look at the topic of real estate investing, the ability to delve deeper into areas of interest with just a click makes it a useful resource to be accessed repeatedly. The book can be read online or downloaded at Bigger Pockets. It is also available for the Kindle or Nook.

If you are not familiar with Bigger Pockets, check out their online investor community, their blog and their podcast at It is a great way to learn from the experience of others and connect with like-minded and/or local investors.

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